If You Suffer From Grinding Knee Pain… Crippling Back Pain… Burning Neuropathy… Or Other Agonizing Distress…And Want More Than Just Pain “Management"

Dr. Vinton’s time-tested, scientifically sound, proven treatments will give you relief and even recovery from your misery… once and for all.

They Got Amazing Results

"After my 5th treatment for neuropathy, I had my shoes on for 12 hours and it didn’t bother me. I sleep good. Fantastic. I stopped at my sister’s yesterday and she was like, I don't believe it. I don't believe you've only been here four times!

I'm amazed. I really am."

"The pain I had in my feet was constant. My toes were numb. It caused me to fall many times and it was very uncomfortable. I couldn't go to sleep at night unless I took Ativan. It was bad. [2 weeks into treatment] My feet are great. I can walk much better. I feel much better all over, but my feet are great. They don't hurt. The feeling’s back."

"After third treatment I slept through the night for about 10 hours. Last weekend I did a bunch of stuff and actually had a pain free part of a day. Saturday there was no pain at all until about 11:00 p.m. I think it’s going quite well. I didn't realize I was so crappy. My sister and wife said I was walking different, walking straighter.

"The ability to sleep—that’s big for me because since I came back from Vietnam I haven’t slept through the night. Now I’m just out like a light. And I’m able to stand longer [after about 2 weeks of treatment]."

"The pain’s mostly gone in my feet. I can sleep at night. I can walk. It used to be I hated to get out of bed in the morning because I knew it was going to hurt my feet and that doesn’t bother me at all now. My hands, my fingers aren’t numb like they used to be."

Deb Marty Randy karen
Karen - Neuropathy Patient

The PROBLEMs With "Pain Management Centers & Clinics"

Problem 1: Training & Tools

Most pain management clinic practitioners lack the necessary training and tools to properly eliminate patient pain without drugs or surgery...
Instead they rely on expensive, often damaging treatments that don't address the root cause of their issue and so they're still in pain... don't let that happen to you!

Problem 2: Without The Right Treatment Pain Comes Back

Don’t be fooled… without the right treatment plan, your pain’ll come back… again and again.

And soon you’ll be asking a pal to help you get your own groceries… asking your spouse for a ride to your appointments… and wondering if a wheelchair might be in your future…


Wouldn’t you rather waltz out in the morning and pick up your own newspaper? Take your child or grandchild out for an ice cream? Be the captain of your own ship and hold onto, or restore, your own independence?

Problem 3—Dangerous Drugs & Surgeries Don’t Give You Relief

Addictive drugs and drastic surgeries won’t solve your problem. Opiates lead you down a path of no return and surgeries often lead to even more pain… if that’s not what you want—

Problem 4: Not Educating The Patient On Root Cause

Most pain “management” doctors and clinics don’t address the root cause of your troubles. So they can’t treat your pain or burning effectively. Instead of making it go away once and for all, they “manage” it.


We pinpoint the root cause of your condition and… make it go away, once and for all.

Patient Testimonials

I first went to see you about my legs going numb and my feet going numb.

It used to be like walking on marbles and now that’s gone. I used to have burning and cold sensation in my feet and basically it’s gone also. I used to get cramps in my calves and legs and they’re gone. I haven’t had a problem in the last 4 or 5 months. I’m sleeping much better than I used to and I’m also taking less medication than I used to. It’s worth it.



My shoulder, arm, hand and my upper back were in constant pain. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t turn my head either way without pain. It was constant. My index finger was totally thumb and my thumb started to get a little numb as well. Now there's no numbness at all. I have no pain in my back—at all. I no longer take pain medication at all—nothing.

I want everybody to know that THERE IS HELP because I was told there was nothing else that could be done for me. Nothing except pain medication.


I have no complaints. Things are 75% better than what it was in my shin. And my shoulder’s much, much better.


Jim, a carpenter, started with a huge herniation in the middle of his neck causing numbness and tingling in his arms:

It was just a constant annoyance. I'm driving down the road and my hand would be numb trying to hold the steering wheel. My right hand would be numb and burning just sitting on the armrest. After the treatments I've gone through, I've seen a considerable difference. My hands aren't as numb. I can actually hold on to my tools. That’s important. I’m amazed at what I've seen so far.


Tracy arrived with severe lower back pain shooting down her leg:

I feel 100% better. The pain I’ve had shooting down my leg has been gone for the last week. I have been sleeping better.


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Are you ready to leave your agony behind? To leap out of bed in the morning? To pull your socks up without help? To get back to taking long walks? To climb those stairs without thinking twice about whether your painful knees might give out? To play catch with your child or grandchild? Then this is for you…