If you've been struggling for too long to find a long term solution for your pain then it's time to learn about the Vinton Method for pain relief...

Finally A Proven Path To Relief From Crippling Knee, Back, Neck And Joint Pain, Without Drugs Or Surgery

NO More Knee Pain

"Over the course of 25 years I have had 3 operations on my right knee and was still suffering from knee pain. Only when I started knee pain treatments at The Pain Relief and Wellness Strategies Center did my knee pain go away. Now, I feel like I have new knees!"

"After going through the knee pain treatments at The Pain Relief and Wellness Strategies Center, I no longer need to take pain medication. That alone was worth it to me!"

"I was not really able to do anything without experiencing knee pain. After a few treatments at The Pain Relief and Wellness Strategies Center, I finally have no more knee pain."

"The pain’s mostly gone in my feet. I can sleep at night. I can walk. It used to be I hated to get out of bed in the morning because I knew it was going to hurt my feet and that doesn’t bother me at all now. My hands, my fingers aren’t numb like they used to be."

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Empowering Patients to Break Free From Pain...

The Vinton Method™ has successfully treated thousands and thousands of people who suffered from knee pain, back pain, neuropathy and much more… and all without prescribing dangerous, often addictive, drugs or drastic surgeries…

Freedom From Knee Pain

Don't let your painful knees hold you back from those long walks with your spouse... playing with your grandkids... or bending over to tie your own shoes.

Let The Vinton Method TM Repair and restore your knees so you can get back to the life you love.


Fix Your Lower Back Issues…

Ready to bend… twist… walk… tickle the puppy… and climb—that next flight of stairs or that next mountain?

No More Neuropathy…

Sail down those stairs with confidence and never lose your grip on your coffee cup ever again… and get the relief you deserve…


Put An End To Your Sciatica Misery…

Can’t change the smoke detector? Have trouble bending over to check the oil in your car? Or trouble climbing out of your shower? Get that fixed… now.


Stop Your Spinal Discomfort…

If your spine is tender to the touch? Let’s reverse that now… and get you back to doing the things that matter most… hoisting your child or grandchild onto your hip… going out and grabbing your own mail… putting away your own dishes…


Say Goodbye To Foot & Joint Torment…

Stop fearing trips & falls. Stop wondering if you can safely walk down the street. Stop asking someone else to help you grab your groceries… now—

Listen To What Folks Just Like You Have To Say...

"I first went to see you about my legs going numb and my feet going numb. It used to be like walking on marbles and now that’s gone. I used to have burning and cold sensation in my feet and basically it’s gone also. I used to get cramps in my calves and legs and they’re gone. I haven’t had a problem in the last 4 or 5 months. I’m sleeping much better than I used to and I’m also taking less medication than I used to. It’s worth it."

"I feel 100% better. The pain I’ve had shooting down my leg has been gone for the last week. I have been sleeping better."

"My shoulder, arm, hand and my upper back were in constant pain. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t turn my head either way without pain. It was constant. My index finger was totally numb and my thumb started to get a little numb as well. Now there's no numbness at all. I have no pain in my back—at all. I no longer take pain medication at all—nothing."